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    Many Canadians think their hearing loss condition is due to getting older – when it may really be a result of having worked in a noisy job.

    ID Hearing Services specializes in assisting to make Occupational  Noise – Induced Hearing Loss claims and providing consultation with Audiologists  who are able to determine eligibility for free hearing treatment.

    Find out Today whether ID Hearing Services  can help you.

    ID  Hearing Services

    Specializes in assisting people in making claims for  Occupational Noise – Induced Hearing Loss

    Arranges free consultation with Audiologists for compensation and treatment at no cost to you.

    Assists in obtaining quality digital Hearing Aid at no cost to you.

    Assists in all aspects of the claims process including preparation of all claim application forms, communication with WSIB authorities on your behalf, scheduling medical and other appointments and all other services relating to your claim.

    3 Easy Steps

    1. Complete and submit a simple self –assessment, or simply CALL us.

    2. Confidentially discuss your circumstances with us to determine whether you may be suffering an industrial deafness injury.

    3. Attend a FREE Hearing Test to determine your hearing loss and eligibility to make a claim.


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